A Star of Two Sides, Koebberling & Kaltwasser

Koebberling & Kaltwasser's A Star of Two Sides uses hundreds of waney edged ash planks, sustainably sourced from nearby Treswell Wood, to completely conceal the original portacabin-like structure that, for over 20 years, has been home to the Duke's Wood Oil Museum and Nature Interpretation Centre. This new facade with its gradation of arching peaks and troughs that flow in waves across the face of the museum alludes to formations of porous rock that make up the ground beneath, as if the many layers of geological strata, signifiers of deep time, had extended upwards in a bold expression toward the future. The works title A Star of Two Sides runs along the structures apex and refers to our dualistic relationship to oil as a substance both valorised for its great value both monetarily and to technological progress and vilified for the huge ecological implications brought about by its heedless use.