Jo Dacombe

Jo Dacombe’s approach is socially engaged practice in the public realm, using art interventions in public space through a variety of media. Her works, temporary or permanent, aim to explore the notion of what makes a space a place. Jo undertakes commissions as well as generating her own projects.

Her current interests include mapping, walking, connections, public space, modes of travel, change and sense of place. She uses a variety of media, temporary and permanent, to engage people in the public realm and to create a dialogue about the experience of space and place.

Jo’s recent work has been about human connections with nature experienced through the act of walking, thinking about the sensory and physical experiences of being in a landscape. At Duke's Wood,Jo has been extending this exploration to try to reveal the constitution of the woodlands as a sensory place but also as a place with many layers. Duke's Wood has layers of history, natural and industrial, that remain as remnants in the physical make-up of the site. Jo’s work aims to discover and reveal the composition of the woodlands here. 

For the Dukes Wood project Jo is running a series of workshops working with a local school, a community group and open workshops to involve people in this exploration of the layers of Dukes Wood through investigation and art.