Nurturing Prototype 2, Anne-Mie Melis

Anne-Mie Melis work explores the visual nature of plants and their role in an increasingly technology-infiltrated world. Her main inspiration is science, focused towards plant biology and engineering. She uses a variety of media; large-scale architectural botanical drawings on paper, assembled objects, composed from plant parts or pruned shrubs, dried plant specimens, stop motion animations and photographs.

Anne-Mie Melis' latest incarnation of her ongoing Nurturing series Nurturing, prototype 2, isolates small sections of the woodland floor creating 'an incongruous artificial environment'. Using methods of either covering or lighting with high intensity LED's the installations influence the growth of flora and fauna by simulating an alternative climate, reminiscent of the more extreme end of projections of climate change, where life is cast into an aphotic world of darkness or subjected to intense sunlight, which abates for only a few hours a day. Melis' work seeks to 'experiment with the idea of tending to a part of the wood by first sheltering it from direct sunlight and then providing it, at the discretion of the viewer, with artificial light for growth.' This active participation on the part of the viewer illustrates the notion that our environment is by no means immune to our actions and that our influence on the world around us, however slight or localised, has global ramifications that in turn threaten the niche within which human life exists.