Ordinary Culture formed in 2012 with a view to initiating curatorial and publishing projects that explore the ways in which art and artists connect people with place; illuminating lost or forgotten histories, imagining alternatives for the future, or simply unearthing and drawing attention to things in our environment that were hitherto overlooked or unrealised.

In collaborating closely with local groups and individuals who have lived and worked in the places in which our projects are based we hope to access, share and build upon their valuable knowledge. Our work draws upon the stories people tell about places, their memories and experiences and their intimate understanding of the landscape.

It is our belief that culture is not only to be found within the academic institution or inside galleries and museums, but also exists in unique forms in every community and should be encouraged, nurtured and celebrated. Our heritage projects shed new light on under-investigated places, using written and visual historical sources as well as local peoples’ memories and stories, which have been passed down through the generations. Through commissioning new works of art inspired by these places and their histories we aim to draw light on the potential for cultural production in every community and the ability of contemporary art to engage with a place and its people in challenging and exciting ways.

‘Culture is Ordinary: that is where we must start… Culture is Ordinary: that is the first fact… Culture is Ordinary, in every society and in every mind… Culture is Ordinary: through every change let us hold fast to that.
— Raymond Williams
‘Culture Is Ordinary’ from the collection of essays Resources of Hope